Ways to Spot a Leak Without Going on Your Roof

Whether you want to get your fall roof maintenance out of the way or you suspect you may have a leak, the first step is obviously to check for the source. However, especially if you don’t have the proper safety equipment, getting on top of your roof yourself may be out of the question. We have a few ways to spot a leak safely!

Check the Attic

spot a leakYou don’t have to leave the interior of your home in order to check for roof leaks and holes. Instead, you can get a lot of information about a leak from the attic. Simply look up and note any dampness or noticeable leaks. Also pay attention to any holes in the roof by checking to see if there is any sunlight where there shouldn’t be. An attic check will help you spot a leak on your roof in no time!

Check Your Home’s Exterior

A simple walk around the exterior of your house can help identify roof problems. Are the gutters in good shape? Is your siding holding up? If you notice shingles on the ground or in your gutters, this is a sign that you may have a hole in your roof that allows water inside. It also may be time for a roof replacement or, at the very least, call for a repair.

Call a Pro

If a fear of heights or lack of safety equipment is keeping you from checking your roof for leaks, don’t hesitate to call our professional roofing contractors! We can inspect your roof safely for leaks and damage and if we find any, we can repair it fast. Call us at (406) 248-5428 for our high-quality roof repair services!