Three Signs You Need Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial Roof Repair

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A commercial roof represents a serious investment. To receive the most value from your roof, you will need to pursue regular commercial roof repair. Commercial roofs, regardless of the specific variety, endure a lot of punishment. If you’ve chosen a single ply membrane to protect your structure, stay vigilant for the following signs.


If you have a flat roof, ponding represents one of the more serious threats. This phenomenon occurs when a roof’s drainage system does not work properly. Instead of a clean drain, you have water that gets trapped on your roof. The weight of the water will create sagging in your membrane, which creates a run-off potential for additional ponding in the future. In addition to sagging, ponding will degrade your roof’s seams and create the potential for leaks.

High Energy Bills

One premier advantage of many commercial roofing systems comes from their reflectivity. Reflectivity means that the roofing material will deflect a large percentage of the sun’s heat and radiation. This results in a longer-lasting, cooler roof that better supports a comfortable indoor temperature. Over time, however, a roof’s reflectivity will wear away. This will lead to higher energy bills as your air conditioner begins to work overtime.

Tears and Punctures

Hailstorms, debris, and foot traffic can all create tears and punctures in your roofing membrane. Each of these represents a potential spot for a roof leak, and should receive immediate repairs. In many cases, a roofer can repair this damage with a simple patch or sheet of new material. If particularly widespread, however, you may need replacement or restoration services.

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