Summer Maintenance

Roof on Home with Blue Gutters

Make Sure Your Roof is Ready for Summer!

It is a good idea to perform some basic maintenance to your roof, especially if you’ve had a lot of storms this spring. Make sure your roof is in top shape to ensure that it is in good working condition this summer.

Roof Inspection

You’ll want to ensure the roof structure is in good shape to ensure that your home is protected and completely weather proof. The first thing to check is the roof structure from your attic. This is a simple way of checking the condition of the insulation and the structure itself. If you see damaged insulation or thin areas in the roof where light shines through, you will want to have repairs made. Quality insulation and a properly sealed roof helps to keep your roof cool in the summer, keeping you from having to pay expensive energy bills.

Signs of Hail Damage

If you had storms blow through this spring, you’ll want to check the top of your roof for any noticeable signs of damage from hail or debris. Again, damaged areas of the roof can result in poor insulation leading to expensive utility bills. Cracks or holes in the roof could allow water to seep into your home as well which could require costly repairs.

Gutter Condition

While checking your roof, it’s a good time to look over your gutters as well. Look for any signs of cracks, rusting, or broken seams. Any weak areas in the gutters can allow water to overflow onto the roof, damage siding, and wear away at the ground around your foundation.

If you’d like to hire an expert to inspect your home prior to summer, contact Donahue Roofing at (406) 248-5428 for honest roofing services in Billings, MT.