Durable, Natural Protection

Wood roofing systems are a durable, natural roofing system. Wood roofing comes in two forms: shingles and shakes. Neither are as easy to install, maintain, or replace as a conventional asphalt shingle roof, but the aesthetic appeal of natural cedar, pine, redwood, or spruce is undeniable in its rustic splendor. Many modern roofing products attempt to emulate the look and feel of wood shingles or shakes. Wood roofing systems are very popular on older homes and historical restorations. We want to be your choice for the installation of wood shingles in Billings, MT.

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Wood shingles and shakes differ in their appearance, and this stems from the methods by which they are produced. Shingles are sawed on both sides, and machine-cut to a taper that offers a crisp, precise appearance that is more high-end. Wood shakes are hand-split on one or both sides, and provide a more rustic appearance. Both shingles and shakes have specific requirements for installation, but generally both are more difficult to install than more common roofing materials. Finding a qualified roofing contractor with experience in installing wood roofing systems is an imperative part of keeping your home protected.

Environmentally Friendly Wood Shingles

Wood shingles are biodegradable, and are made from renewable resources. This makes them an excellent choice for green projects or for environmentally-conscious residents. They require regular maintenance to prevent premature aging and discoloration. If the shingles or shakes aren’t regularly treated with preservative and fungicide applications, they can dry out, crack, warp, or begin to rot and be consumed by mold and mildew.

Wood shingles and shakes are typically more expensive to have installed when compared to more conventional roofing systems, and this higher cost is an important consideration when comparing roofing materials. They have a comparable lifespan of asphalt shingles, and regular maintenance can extend that well beyond the typical life of an asphalt roof.

Wood shingles and shakes are most often made from western cedar because it provides a straight grain free of defects, is a lightweight and low-density wood, and because it is resistant to moisture and decay. There are a variety of species used in wood roofing systems and each one provides different aesthetic properties. The prices of these wood shingles and shakes will differ depending on your location and the availability of different types of wood throughout the country.

If you’re interested in wood shingles in Billings, MT, Donahue Roofing can help repair, replace, or install your wood roofing system with the experience and care needed to keep your roof healthy for decades to come. (406) 248-5428