Natural Home Protection

Clay tiles are produced by baking molded clay into the proper shape. The clay’s density is determined by how long it is heated and at what temperature. Clay tiles can be glazed and may Clay Tile Repair & Installation in Billings, MTalso have surface texture treatments, depending on the particular style. The different production techniques have given rise to a very wide variety of styles, profiles, finishes, and colors that are available.

When your clay tiles have become damaged from storm-driven debris, or have aged and need replacement, we can help. The expert roofing contractors at Donahue Roofing are skilled in the installation of clay tiles in a variety of styles and profiles. If you find yourself in need of new or replacement clay tile in Billings, MT, give us a call! (406) 248-5428

There are also separate tiles that serve as “accessory tiles” matched to each style design for ridges, hip intersections, hips, and gable ends. Installation methods differ depending on the type of style being installed, whether one-piece, two-piece, flat, or interlocking.

Additional Protective Layers

Underlayment is employed on a clay tile roof in the same manner as on an asphalt shingle roof. Felt paper is lain over the roof decking prior to the tile application. An underlayment serves two functions: it provides a temporary barrier against weather while the tiles or shingles are being installed, and it provides a second layer of weatherproofing after the tile is installed.

Although clay tiles provide an excellent, natural layer of protection year-round, wind-driven rain can penetrate the smallest space, and felt paper underlayments help protect the interior of your roof and attic space from retaining moisture and fostering the growth of mold. Most felt paper underlayments are made from organic felts that are saturated in asphalt for additional waterproofing and durability.

Clay tiles can be found in Spanish, French, Mission, and Interlocking styles most commonly, and can be made to look like a number of other materials through glazing, texturing, and pigmentation. If you need repairs on your clay tile in Billings, MT, the dedicated roofing contractors at Donahue Roofing are here to help! (406) 248-5428