Vinyl Roofing

PVC was first developed as a roofing material in Europe during the 1960’s, and quickly found its way to the United States. This material was designed to improve upon the setbacks often seen with poorly installed EPDM roofing systems. Polyvinyl chloride – more commonly referred to as vinyl – is composed of ethylene and chlorine.  For PVC roofing in Billings, MT, call the expert roofing contractors at Donahue Roofing today. We offer FREE estimates! (406) 248-5428

PVC Roofing in Billings, MTDuring manufacturing, UV inhibitors, biocides, plasticizers, heat-stabilizers, polyester or fiberglass reinforcement, and pigmentation are all added to determine the final physical characteristics and coloration of the PVC.

These additives affect the flexibility and stability of the material and help to provide resistance against tearing or breaking. Most PVC roofing material is made with a reinforcement scrim made of polyester. PVC is adhered to the roof and the seams are welded together with hot air. This makes them a more durable material than other flat roofing systems, and their seams can always be re-welded if failure does occur. Re-seaming is the most common maintenance performed on PVC roofing systems.

Premium Flat Roofing Membrane

This premium single-ply roofing material offers superior durability, performance, and longevity, which makes it among the more expensive flat roofing materials available. The hot-air welded seams make this material highly resistant to moisture, pH, roots, bacteria, fungi, and debris. These properties make PVC a cost-effective choice in the long run.

A PVC roofing system will remain watertight and stay leak-free for decades, proving a permanent seal that keeps the top of your building protected and cooler. The reflective properties of PVC help to reduce costs associated with cooling a space, and will help keep your monthly bills down.

PVC Roofing in Billings, MT

If you have a commercial property in Billings, MT that needs PVC roofing, please call Donahue Roofing today! We are a team of skilled roofing contractors with the experience and equipment necessary to ensure a proper repair or installation of the roofing system on your business. Whether large or small, we can replace any flat roofing system with a premium PVC roof, and we offer FREE estimates! (406) 248-5428