Rubberized Roof Coating

Roof coatings are membranes with elastic properties that enable them to stretch and return to their original shape without being damaged. They are applied as fluids and cure to a rubber material, allowing for seamless application. The roof coating will serve as the topmost layer of the roofing system, providing protection from UV rays, heat, rain, snow, and physical damage from hail or wind-driven debris. If you’d like to try an elastomeric roof coating in Billings, MT, give us a call today!

Benefits of Elastomeric Roof Coating

A reflective roof coating is seamless when installed properly, and can extend the life of almost any roofing system – keeping the base material safe for years while improving the reflective properties of the roof – thereby reducing your monthly cooling bills. By extending the life of a roof, the amount of waste that is discarded in a landfill is also reduced, making roof coatings a very environmentally friendly choice.Elastomeric Roof Coating in Billings, MT

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Considerations and Limitations

Roof coatings are not recommended over traditional asphalt shingles, as they can inhibit the shingle from naturally drying out. This water can collect under the shingle and foster the growth of mold and mildew.

A roof coating should never be used instead of a roof replacement. If the underlying structure is damaged, a roof coating cannot fix the problem. While a roof coating can restore a watertight seal to a roofing system, it cannot repair damaged shingles, frame supports, or decking. Because the cost of a roof coating is roughly 10% of the cost to replace the whole roof, roof coatings are only economical if the life of the roof exceeds the life of the coating.Elastomeric Roof Coating in Billings, MT

A flat roof is rarely sloped perfectly, allowing spots where water can settle – what roofers call “ponding”. Ponding water can greatly reduce the life of a roof coating, including degradation, flaking, and loss of adhesion. Dust, debris, steam, or excessive moisture can also cause problems with an elastomeric roof coating. A crucial component to properly installing a roof coating is the preparation of the underlying surface. If one cannot completely remove dust or other contaminants, the coating won’t adhere properly and will result in premature failure.

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