Leaking Roof? What to Pay Attention To

Leaking Roof

If You See This on Your Ceiling, It’s Likely You Have a Leaking Roof.

A leaking roof can cause havoc on a home if left to get worse. Although you may not know a leak is happening, it is important to keep an eye out for signs and inspect if you think you may have a leak. There are several signs that are decently noticeable and don’t require an inspection from a professional to see. However, if you do determine that you have a leaking roof, you need to call a roofer out right away to get it fixed before it turns into a major problem.

Things to pay Attention To

Mold – If you begin to see mold on your ceiling, this is a quick way to determine that you probably have a leaking roof and it has been going on for some time to have developed mold. Another way to see if you have mold that is a little less in your face, is to check your roof. If you have a two story that looks onto your roof, just give a little glance out the window every once in a while and see if you see anything alarming. You can also climb up on a ladder and do a kick glance around your roof. If you see patches of mold or anything growing, you need to question whether you have a leak or not.

Bowing shingles – While you have that ladder out still, take a look at your shingles and see if they are sitting flat on your roof or if the are starting to flare up at all. This is a sign that they have been damaged by water. These shingles need to be replaced and new ones need to be put down after the damage is fixed before you end up having to replace a major portion of your roof due to damage.

Water damage – This is the most common way that people see that they have a leaking roof. If you see brown water stains on your roof, it means your roof has a leak.

A leaking roof can cause a lot of damage until it is repaired. Give Donahue Roofing a call at and let us help you get it repaired right away.