Common Roofing Repairs

a photo of a roofer making repairsThere are many components that make up a roofing system, and while some of these parts are large and intimidating – requiring special training or equipment to repair or install – many areas of your home can be maintained or repaired without the need for a roofing contractor.

These are the 4 most common areas to need routine maintenance, and if you remain diligent about assessing these areas regularly, you can often perform all these repairs on your own without ever having to contact a roofing contractor.

  • Soffit – Your soffit serves as an intake for fresh outside air to enter your attic space, and this area can become very inviting for small animals or other insects.
  • Gutter – The gutters safely carry rainwater down and away from your home
  • Flashing – The flashing protects the area around chimneys, eaves, and skylights from moisture and debris. These areas can separate from the roofing material and allow water to penetrate into the attic space of your home.
  • Shingles – Shingles are the topmost layer of protection against weather and debris, and are therefore the area most likely to become damaged over time. Discoloration and separation are easy-to-notice signs of a failing roof. Repairing shingles as they become damaged can preserve the roof decking and extend its service life significantly.

If your roof is damaged more severely, or in another area, and you think you may need help, give Donahue Roofing a call today! (406) 248-5428