A Better Way to Hang Christmas Lights on the Roof

Christmas lights on homes are long-standing traditions that people love. In some areas, people come from all over the city to see the lights that neighborhoods put up every year. Of course, there are methods for hanging these lights that are better than others, and some people are still hanging them by old means that damage the roof. Consider this tip for a better way to hang Christmas lights on the roof.

Plastic Christmas Light Clips are Your Best Friends

House with Xmas Lights at Night

A Better Way to Hang Christmas Lights on the Roof

You may have noticed that packages of stringed lights come equipped with little plastic clips. Sometimes, they’re separate. Other times, they are attached to the lights. This is to encourage people to avoid using old, damaging methods for hanging lights, like nails and staples.

You have probably seen someone do this at some point. This doesn’t make it right; nails and staples may create tiny holes, but they’re holes, nonetheless. They are damage to your roof and shingles.

You don’t have to use the clips that come with your lights if they don’t work well for you. There are innumerable Christmas light clips in many, many styles from which you can choose. These clips are made to fit your roof, or your gutters, as well as your lights. You can make your decorating experience even better by taking measurements and getting precise information on where you want to place your lights. Then you’ll also know how many clips to get. These clips also let you get more precise and elaborate in your Christmas light placement. You can clip the line, or each individual light and place them precisely where you want them.

All this means that not only can you have the light patterns you want, but you can protect your roof when doing it. So, try this better way to hang Christmas lights on the roof. When you need help with your roof, contact us at (406) 248-5428 and let our roofers in Billings, MT be there for you.

Three Signs You Need Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial Roof Repair

Regardless of the Nature of Your Repair Need, Our Team Has You Covered.

A commercial roof represents a serious investment. To receive the most value from your roof, you will need to pursue regular commercial roof repair. Commercial roofs, regardless of the specific variety, endure a lot of punishment. If you’ve chosen a single ply membrane to protect your structure, stay vigilant for the following signs.


If you have a flat roof, ponding represents one of the more serious threats. This phenomenon occurs when a roof’s drainage system does not work properly. Instead of a clean drain, you have water that gets trapped on your roof. The weight of the water will create sagging in your membrane, which creates a run-off potential for additional ponding in the future. In addition to sagging, ponding will degrade your roof’s seams and create the potential for leaks.

High Energy Bills

One premier advantage of many commercial roofing systems comes from their reflectivity. Reflectivity means that the roofing material will deflect a large percentage of the sun’s heat and radiation. This results in a longer-lasting, cooler roof that better supports a comfortable indoor temperature. Over time, however, a roof’s reflectivity will wear away. This will lead to higher energy bills as your air conditioner begins to work overtime.

Tears and Punctures

Hailstorms, debris, and foot traffic can all create tears and punctures in your roofing membrane. Each of these represents a potential spot for a roof leak, and should receive immediate repairs. In many cases, a roofer can repair this damage with a simple patch or sheet of new material. If particularly widespread, however, you may need replacement or restoration services.

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Shingles and Shakes: What’s the Difference?

If you want to install a wooden roof on your home, you’ve probably heard the terms wood shingles and wood shake shingles. It is common for people to think that they are the same thing. While they are similar, they are definitely not the same roofing material. Regardless of which material you choose to install, Donahue Roofing is here to help with your wood roof installation.

Wood Shingles on a Roof

A Wood Shingle Roof Has a Clean, Patterned Appearance.

Wood Shingles vs. Wood Shake Shingles

The material for these roofing materials is the same. They can be made from a variety of strong woods. The difference comes in the manufacturing process, which produces a different aesthetic. Here is a summary of the main differences between  shingles and shake shingles.

Wood Shake Roof

Wood Shakes Have a More Rugged Appearance.

Wood Shingles
When wood shingles are made, they are cut cleanly on either side with a saw. They are cut very thin with a subtle taper. This makes them easier to install because the shingles lay flat against the roof. The completed roof has a clean, symmetrical appearance.

Wood Shakes
Wood shakes are only cut with a saw on one side. The other side is cut by hand with a mallet and froe. This creates a rough, rugged appearance. Shake shingles are generally thicker than general wood shingles and can cost more to install. Installation is a bit more tricky because the shingles may not lay nicely against the roof.

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3 Common Areas Of Roof Repair

Your roof system is made up of a variety of different areas that all serve essential purposes when it comes to the protection of your home. Understanding the different areas of your roof, and what kind of damage you need to look out for, is a great way to stay on top of repairs, keeping your costs low, and your defenses strong. While roof repair can seem like a hassle, our team does everything we can to ensure your repairs go as smoothly as possible.


Roof Repair

How Well Do You Know Your Roofing?

Your shingles are designed to keep the majority of your roof protected from the elements. As a deterrent for water above all else, your shingles are the number one level of defense for your roof decking. Any holes or gaps in your shingles, along with any missing or broken areas, can allow water to seep into the roof decking. This water can cause extensive damage before you find it, which is often very expensive to repair. It is essential that you keep an eye out for any sign of shingle damages, and have them repaired shortly after you see them.

Soffit & Fascia:

Your soffit and fascia, while separate parts of your roof, work hand in hand to protect the edges of your roofing system. With that in mind, it is important to be able to identify any issues with these areas. Common problems come from age, as well as animal or insect nesting habits. If you see any signs of damage around the edging of your roof, give us a call right away!


Flashing is utilized around areas on your roof such as vents or chimneys. The flashing is designed to keep moisture out. Over time, it can develop rust, which compromises its ability to prevent leaks. If you notice rust, or signs of separation, give us a call for expert repairs!

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4 Reasons Tile Makes a Great Roofing Solution

Your home’s roof is one of the most important structural pieces. The roof provides protection, insulation, and stability for your home; but your roof can provide so much more. In fact, in many cases your roof can be a great selling point for your home, as well as providing extra benefits to you. Concrete and clay tile roofing deliver multiple benefits that could make you want to consider this roofing solution when it’s time for your next replacement.

Tile Roofing

Tile can make an incredibly low-maintenance roofing solution.


One of the biggest benefits of tile roofing is that it can last more than 50 years. In many cases, this means your roof will outlast your ownership of the home. While a more costly option, your tile roof could be the last roofing system you ever buy.


Tile roofs are one of the most durable options with high resistance to the sun, high winds, and extreme heat and cold. With such high durability, repairs are almost non-existent.

Low Maintenance

Your tile roof will require minimal maintenance since the tiles are made so durable. When maintenance or tile replacement is required, repairs are simple, due to the individual tile installation style.


Your tile roof could raise the value of your home considerably. Homeowners know that the roof will last and because insurance premiums are typically reduced due to lack of common damage.

When it’s time to replace your roofing system, call the experts at Donahue Roofing (406) 248-5428 today to discuss your roofing options, and find out why clay and concrete tiles make such outstanding roofing solutions.

Asphalt Shingles: The Benefits Of Asphalt Shingles for Your Roof

Asphalt Shingles: The Benefits Of Asphalt Shingles for Your Roof

Asphalt Shingles Bring A Lot of Beauty and Protection To Your Home.

One of the most popular roofing materials on the market are asphalt shingles and with good reason. This type of roofing material has long been a top choice for residential homeowners and it’s because they have many benefits to offer your home. Below are the benefits of asphalt shingles for your roof.


These types of shingles come in a wide variety of shapes and designs, so they are easy to customize, giving you the roof aesthetic that you want.

Variety of Colors

While it comes in a number of shapes and designs, you can also get shingle asphalt roofs in a lot of different colors.

Fire Resistant

We always want to keep our loved ones safe and having asphalt shingles can provide that. This shingle type has a Class A fire rating.

Wind Resistant

Although these shingles are very lightweight, they can withstand wind gusts of up to 100 MPH.

Easy Installation

Asphalt shingles are very easy to install, so you are able to get your roof sooner than other roof installations.


Not only are these shingles easy to install, but they are an affordable roofing material, which is one of the many reasons they are so popular.


We all want a roof materials that can last for years to come and asphalt shingles are a great material for that. These shingles can last for twenty years or more.

If you are need residential roofing repair in Billings, MT, call our professional roofers at Donahue Roofing today at (406) 248-5428.



Does Your Roof Need Replacement?

photo of replacementAs a homeowner, knowing important information on the care and keeping your home can be the difference and prevent surprise repairs. One of the biggest ways that your roof can surprise you is when you need roofing replacement. There are several factors that play a role in determining if your roof needs replacement. How can you tell if your roof is failing? We have compiled a few easy ways to see if you need to replace your roof.

Signs You Need Roof Replacement

#1 Leaking

When seals on your roof age and wear away, this can lead to leaks within the home. This could be around skylights, flashing and vents. If you believe leaks are coming from these areas, it is also important to check your attic. Leaks can also be caused by damage done to your roof’s structure. Checking these areas can help you and your roofer assess the damage and determine if roofing replacement or repair are the right courses of action.

#2 The State of Your Materials

The materials on your roof tell a bigger story as to the state of your roof. If you notice the materials are holding more water than they would normally retain or that you have algae growing on your roof, this is a sign that your roofing materials have worn down. If you are comfortable with getting a closer look of your roof, look for visible damage such as missing granules from your shingles or cracks in your tiles. 

#3 The Age of Your Roof

One of the biggest ways to tell if your home need roof replacement is to keep and check your paperwork from previous repairs or installations. Due to materials involved, different roofing systems have varied expected life spans. By assessing your paperwork or having a roofer inspect your roof, you can get a solid answer as to when your roof may need roofing replacement.

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Summer Maintenance

Roof on Home with Blue Gutters

Make Sure Your Roof is Ready for Summer!

It is a good idea to perform some basic maintenance to your roof, especially if you’ve had a lot of storms this spring. Make sure your roof is in top shape to ensure that it is in good working condition this summer.

Roof Inspection

You’ll want to ensure the roof structure is in good shape to ensure that your home is protected and completely weather proof. The first thing to check is the roof structure from your attic. This is a simple way of checking the condition of the insulation and the structure itself. If you see damaged insulation or thin areas in the roof where light shines through, you will want to have repairs made. Quality insulation and a properly sealed roof helps to keep your roof cool in the summer, keeping you from having to pay expensive energy bills.

Signs of Hail Damage

If you had storms blow through this spring, you’ll want to check the top of your roof for any noticeable signs of damage from hail or debris. Again, damaged areas of the roof can result in poor insulation leading to expensive utility bills. Cracks or holes in the roof could allow water to seep into your home as well which could require costly repairs.

Gutter Condition

While checking your roof, it’s a good time to look over your gutters as well. Look for any signs of cracks, rusting, or broken seams. Any weak areas in the gutters can allow water to overflow onto the roof, damage siding, and wear away at the ground around your foundation.

If you’d like to hire an expert to inspect your home prior to summer, contact Donahue Roofing at (406) 248-5428 for honest roofing services in Billings, MT.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

A metal roof is an excellent choice for any home or business. If you’re considering one, consider these benefits of metal roofing!


Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal Roofs are Available in Many Colors and Styles!

One of the top benefits of metal roofing is its long-lasting durability. Though metal roofs cost more than asphalt shingle roofs, they more than make up for it by lasting an average of 50+ years. This is twice as long as most shingle roofs last! Plus, they require little maintenance and can withstand fire, rain, high winds, large hail, thermal shock, and more. With a metal roof, you rarely have to worry.

Energy Efficiency

With a naturally reflective surface, metal roofs help improve your building’s energy efficiency. In the summer, they help reflect heat rather than absorbing it, which helps keep your building cooler. During the winter, though, it helps hold in heat and insulate your home. This can help reduce your energy bills, which are one of the largest home expenses.


Metal roofing is typically made of recycled materials and are fully recyclable once they reach the end of their lifespan. Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, add up in landfills. Plus, because they last so long, metal roofs do not cause this problem.


When most homeowners think of metal roofs, they imagine a silver, standing seam roof. However, there are many more styles and colors available! You can get a red metal shingle roof, or green metal panels. There’s an option for every home or business.

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Which Roofing Material Should I Choose?

Roof MaterialThere are many things to consider when you’re deciding to change up your roofing system. It’s definitely not something as simple as a repair and should be taken very seriously. Honestly, the process of roof replacement can be quite strenuous if you aren’t in the right hands. Fortunately, Donahue Roofing is in your corner and has the expertise to make the entire process go quite smoothly. With our guidance, we have no doubt that you will decide on the best roofing material for your property. Let’s start with a few questions you should keep in mind:

  • Will the cost of this material be within my budget?
  • Is there a variety of textures, styles, and colors to choose from to enhance the look of my home?
  • What is the expected lifespan of this product?
  • Is there a warranty that is included with this material?
  • Will the excess weight make specialized framing necessry?
  • Is there any specific maintenance or installation instructions required?

Not only is it important to understand each element it is that you’re looking for, but it’s even more important that you have the right professionals handling the job for you. That’s where Donahue Roofing steps in! Our roofers are certified and trained with the most up to date methods which ensure that you’re receiving the absolute best service and you’re left with an even better end result. It all starts with a simple phone call. We guarantee to walk you through the entire process from start to finish. So be sure to contact us at (406) 248-5428.