A Better Way to Hang Christmas Lights on the Roof

Christmas lights on homes are long-standing traditions that people love. In some areas, people come from all over the city to see the lights that neighborhoods put up every year. Of course, there are methods for hanging these lights that are better than others, and some people are still hanging them by old means that damage the roof. Consider this tip for a better way to hang Christmas lights on the roof.

Plastic Christmas Light Clips are Your Best Friends

House with Xmas Lights at Night

A Better Way to Hang Christmas Lights on the Roof

You may have noticed that packages of stringed lights come equipped with little plastic clips. Sometimes, they’re separate. Other times, they are attached to the lights. This is to encourage people to avoid using old, damaging methods for hanging lights, like nails and staples.

You have probably seen someone do this at some point. This doesn’t make it right; nails and staples may create tiny holes, but they’re holes, nonetheless. They are damage to your roof and shingles.

You don’t have to use the clips that come with your lights if they don’t work well for you. There are innumerable Christmas light clips in many, many styles from which you can choose. These clips are made to fit your roof, or your gutters, as well as your lights. You can make your decorating experience even better by taking measurements and getting precise information on where you want to place your lights. Then you’ll also know how many clips to get. These clips also let you get more precise and elaborate in your Christmas light placement. You can clip the line, or each individual light and place them precisely where you want them.

All this means that not only can you have the light patterns you want, but you can protect your roof when doing it. So, try this better way to hang Christmas lights on the roof. When you need help with your roof, contact us at (406) 248-5428 and let our roofers in Billings, MT be there for you.